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College and Career Academies (CCAs) in the state of Georgia are specialized charter schools or programs that form a partnership between local school districts and post-secondary institutions. These academies are designed to provide high school students with a curriculum that combines academic and technical education, focusing on specific career pathways. The aim is to prepare students for both college and careers by offering them the opportunity to earn college credits, industry-recognized credentials, and valuable work experience while still in high school.

The Effingham College & Career Academy (ECCA) acts as an extension of both Effingham County High School (ECHS) and South Effingham High School (SEHS).

Grade Levels: 9th - 12th

Type:  Public charter

Locations: 2940 Highway 21 South, Rincon, GA 31326

Graduation:  Students graduate from their enroll base/home school (ECHS or SEHS)

To create a high tech career focus to better serve our students' needs for those entering directly into the workforce and those planning further postsecondary options.

Students from both, Effingham County High and South Effingham High, may attend ECCA classes and earn professional certifications and industry credentials for careers in:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare Science
  • Culinary Arts
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • STEM

Notable Dates:

  • 2008: The Effingham County Board of Education applied for and received a $3.2 million grant from the State of Georgia, administered through the Technical College System of Georgia. This funding was crucial for the establishment and development of ECCA, paying in full for the construction of the academy's facility, which spans 44,034 square feet and includes state-of-the-art Career, Technical, Agricultural Education (CTAE) classrooms and labs
  • Fall 2010: ECCA opened its doors as one of Georgia's first college and career academies. This was a significant milestone, not just for Effingham County, but also for Georgia, highlighting a new era in vocational and technical education aimed at bridging the gap between high school education and career readiness
  • 2015: ECCA earned SACS AdvancED global accreditation.
  • Fall 2016: A significant expansion occurred with the opening of a 47,000 square feet addition dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This addition marked a substantial growth in the academy's capacity and capabilities, offering an enhanced focus on STEM education and accommodating an increase in the student body
  • 2016: ECCA won their first Georgia College and Career Academy of the Year
  • September 2022:  ECCA won their second Georgia College and Career Academy of the Year. We were recognized for their comprehensive educational offerings and impactful community contributions​

ECCA Est.2010

ECCA Chief Executive Office, Todd Wall

ECCA CEO/CTAE Director, Todd Wall

As the CEO of Effingham College & Career Academy, I take great pride in the family-centered atmosphere and the unwavering passion our teachers have to support all students that come through our doors. I've been in education since 2001 and am a proud graduate of the University of Georgia with graduate degrees from Walden University and Georgia Southern University. 

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Director of High School Programs, Dr. Brigid Nesmith

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